July/August '13

On the third Sunday in July, during our evening service, I received word that there was a problem at our house. Upon arrival at our property, we learned that the battery inverter (used as an alternative to electricity) had caught fire inside the home in which we had lived for only four months. Very little was destroyed in the house, but everything inside sustained smoke damage. It was humbling to see the response of our church, as the following day, and for the next four weeks, multiple women and teenage girls showed up to wash all of our clothes, kitchen items, and children's toys. A few men took off work, joining with our youth to scrub and repaint the walls and also clean, move, and restore furniture. Representatives from our ladies fellowship often came to cook for all the workers. With miraculous timing and generosity, another missionary family in the same estate allowed us to use their home while they were on furlough. In total, we were out of the house for five weeks and spent more than $5000 for the damages to the electrical system, ceilings, and windows. Ultimately, we are thankful for several things: our family is safe, the house is still standing and now looks better than before the fire, many churches and individuals responded to our email announcements with prayers and support, and the church I am privileged to pastor showed how much they love our family. 

Before and after our house fire [sitting room pictured above], we enjoyed hosting three fellow missionary families as one was leaving for furlough, another was just "passing through," and the third came to visit his student in our college. Towards the end of August, we celebrated Brian's sixth birthday; his little brother, Noah is now 18 months, and Victoria and Joseph will have their eighth and tenth birthdays in December [boys pictured].  Sabrina started their home-schooling in early July, so that they will hopefully be finished by the time of our furlough in mid-March of next year. If you would like to schedule our family for a furlough meeting, or if you wish to give us your email address to be informed of any urgent news in the future, please use the contact info on this site, or find us on Facebook  (facebook.com/markandsabrina).

In keeping with our ministry goal of training people for the purpose of multiplying churches and furthering our movement, we now have the following three schools: a part-time institute (37 graduates), a full-time seminary (15 graduates), and a recently introduced correspondence college. Revivals Christian Correspondence College (see "Correspondence" page on this blog) utilizes an exclusively DVD curriculum that we have gathered from two Bible colleges in the U.S. We are hoping that this will help some national pastors complete or further their training, along with giving an opportunity for their members to study from home.  For several churches, this curriculum will help them start a Bible institute of their own. Please pray for the potential reach of this new ministry.

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