Conference (S.W.L.C.)

8th National Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference
28-31 March 2016

Gifts for All
·         Every morning attendee will get the 8th Soul Winning & Leadership Conference manual from Mike Wells
·         A "Pastor's Pack" of DVD's from Bible Believer's Radio in Arkansas (U.S.A.) will be given to all pastors
·         Every church represented will receive a box of Bibles from GO YE Ministries in Tacoma, Washington
·         7 different books from Evangelist Sam Gipp and various conference DVD’s given during morning sessions

Interesting Ministry Presentations
v  Learn about our new opportunities for seminary students to receive support for their tuition and room fees
v  I will present a program whereby every church will have the resources necessary to start a Bible institute
v  Dr. Mike Cox will give a recap of last year’s regional conferences, and what we are planning for next year
v  We feature a missionary with AWANA, an organized children’s program that will strengthen your church
v  Hear of the growth of SMITE, continuing thru 6 years in Abuja, expanding to a Port Harcourt youth camp
v  Be encouraged with testimonies from In Trust with the Gospel, Eye Opener, and A Place of Hope Africa
Dynamic Guest Speakers and Special Fellowships
ü  Hear the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, John Wilkerson during his 1st trip to Nigeria
ü  Evangelist Dr. Mike Cox makes his 8th visit, and Evangelist Don Wattenbarger will preach for the 5th year
ü  Morning sessions for pastors, staff, and members with Dr. Cox, Pastor Wilkerson, and Bro. Wattenbarger     
ü  Ladies sessions hosted by Mrs. Sabrina Holmes with: Mrs. Brenda Cox, Mrs. Rose Maskey, Sis. Doris Olorunlowo, Mrs. Sarah Thompsons, and Ms. Pat Hamburg. Relax, Refresh, & Revive Day on Wednesday!
ü  Pastor Mark’s house will be the site of 2 forums: one for senior pastors and the other for seminary alumni

1.          I was told by several pastors that we should arrange for the conference to be held when there is no school, so we have responded by scheduling the SWLC for the Monday through Thursday immediately after Easter.
2.      The conference will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. Monday, 27 April 2015, with day sessions beginning by 9am and evening sessions at 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
3.      We will once again be able to offer housing in our seminary hostel for 50 single people free of charge during the conference. Meals will also be provided for all visitors during the week.
4.      Please contact me by SMS or e-mail so that we can make proper arrangements for your meals and housing. In your correspondence, include how many will be coming, when you will be arriving, and what type of accommodations you prefer.
5.      We will gladly welcome those who wish to come early before the conference to attend Truth Baptist Church and hear Pastor Wilkerson & Bro. Wattenbarger on Sunday. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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