Seminary (Providence BC&S)

Please allow me with this letter, as the pastor of Truth Baptist Church, to introduce to you to Providence Baptist College and Seminary, founded in August 2009. We would like to make every pastor aware of our  training institution where you may send your people who want to serve God in the ministry. God has privileged us to establish such a school where our goal is the planting of independent Baptist churches all through Nigeria.

Providence Baptist College and Seminary (PBC&S) is a ministry of Truth Baptist Church and Fundamental Baptist Ministries International (our mission board).  Students at PBC&S, during their scholastic training, will be involved in the ministries of Truth Baptist Church which include the following: church services, soul-winning, Bible institute, choir and music groups, children’s ministries, bus ministry, fellowship groups, school of the prophets, Bible clubs, school programs, and village outreach. Those in the seminary will also benefit from the annual meetings at our church: Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference, Missions Conference, Revival Meeting, and Youth Camp.

As the administrator of Providence, I also want to assure you that my desire is for us to partner together in your church members’ training. We will strive to maintain regular contact and a good relationship with each independent Baptist pastor who entrusts us with their people for the preparation of the ministry. Students will be encouraged to seek counsel and advice from their pastor. Yet, they will also have plenty of opportunities to work in other ministries on an internship basis and also at the completion of their seminary studies.

Our enrollment consists of many students from the already-established Temple Baptist Institute where we have taught up to 80 students in 3 schools, all in Abuja. We are also already receiving applicants from the over 85 independent Baptist churches located throughout Nigeria. Each prospective student will need to fill an application [2 pages included below] and also include a recommendation [included below the application] from the pastor of the independent Baptist church where he is a member.  Take a look at our full curriculum and financial information at the end of this page.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Providence Baptist College & Seminary

Total Credits = 128
Total Classes = 32
All Classes = 3 Credits
Exceptions: Practical Ministry = 1 Credit per course
Internships = 16 Credits (equal to 1 full semester)
The following is granted upon completion:                
Certificate in Bible (1 Year = 48 Credits)       
Diploma in Ministerial Studies (2 Year = 80 Credits)
Degree in Theology (3 Year = 128 Credits)
Certificate (1st) Year
1st Semester                       
Practical Ministry
Baptist Distinctives
Music Theory
New Testament Survey I
Bible Doctrines I (Systematic Theology)
2nd Semester
Practical Ministry
History of the Baptists
Song Leading
New Testament Survey II
Daniel & Revelation (Eschatology)
Bible Doctrines II
*Reguired and Assigned Internship in an Independent Baptist Church during annual break
(16 credits)
Diploma (2nd) Year
1st Semester                       
Practical Ministry
The Church & Charismatics (Ecclesiology)
Teaching on Preaching (Homiletics)
Character & Leadership
Old Testament Survey I
Manners & Customs I
2nd Semester
Practical Ministry
Personal Evangelism (Soteriology)
Church Education
The Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
Old Testament Survey II
Manners & Customs II
*Reguired and Assigned Internship in an Independent Baptist Church during annual break
(16 credits)
Degree (3rd) Year
1st Semester                       
Practical Ministry
Bible Versions
English I
Starting a Church & Institute
Biographies of Great Men
Pastoral Counseling
2nd Semester
Practical Ministry
Starting a School & Teaching Methods
English II
New Testament Greek & Bible Research
Christ in the Old Testament (Christology)

Practical Ministry will include:  Soul-winning, Outreach, Music Groups, Bible Clubs, Ministry Support (i.e. Farming, Occupational Activities), Village Chapels, etc.