Correspondence College (DVD's)

In an effort to continue to equip our people of Nigeria by all means possible, we are excited to announce another opportunity for ministry training.  In conjuction with the already established Temple Baptist Institute and Providence Baptist College and Seminary, I am glad to introduce to you.....

Revivals Christian Correspondence College

We have partnered with Providence Baptist College in Illinois (U.S.A) and Revival Fires Baptist College in Pennsylvania (U.S.A.) to provide an exclusive DVD curriculum complete with video classes, study guides, and various assessments. 

Currently, we have more than 30 courses that can fulfill any need you have of ministry training, whether it is to complete your degree program, go further to a masters degree, or begin your course for a degree/diploma.


Atanda Joseph said...

Please kindly help me out, to do this degree cause, how long it will take

Atanda Joseph said...

Hope this will help many! Great job