Conference Schedule

Greetings from Abuja! We have started of our 16th semester of Providence Baptist College & Seminary. On 27 January 2018 by 10 a.m., we will be holding our 5th Commencement at Truth Baptist Church for 13 graduates of the institute and seminary. We are pleased to share with you our schedule for this year:

5 Soul-Winning & Leadership Conferences in 2018!

4-7 February                
Pastors & Workers Conference in Ogbomoso
Venue: Faith Baptist Church, Stadium Area              
Host Pastor: Bro. Samuel Akande 080.3552.5597
Guest Preacher: Evangelist Don Wattenbarger (7th visit) of Bibles Beyond Boundaries in Crossville, TN

23-26 April                  
10th Annual National Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference
Venue: Truth Baptist Church of Nyanya-Abuja         
Host Pastor: Missionary Mark Holmes
Guest Preachers: Dr. Mike Cox, Missionary Evangelist Jim Belisle, Dr. Mark Bosje (FBMI President)

29 April—2 May         
2nd Regional Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference in Calabar
Venue: Independent Baptist Church of Calabar        
Host Pastor: Bro. Nicholas Wayih 070.6920.7700
Guest Preachers: Dr. Mike Cox of Global Outreach, Missionary Evangelist Jim Belisle

14-17 October             
Missions & Leadership Conference in Port Harcourt
Venue: Independent Baptist Church of PHC             
Host Pastor: Missionary David Maskey 080.5176.9616
Guest Preachers: Dr. Mike Cox of Global Outreach (10th visit), Missionary Evangelist Jim Belisle (7th visit)

21-24 October             
Regional Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference in Ibadan
Venue: Independent Baptist Church of Ijokodo        
Host Pastor: Bro. Jide Popoola 080.5525.3935
Guest Preachers: Dr. Mike Cox and Bro. Jim Belisle

*** In every conference, each church represented will receive a "Pastor's Pack" of DVD's from Bible Believer's Radio, a Bible from BEAMS, and the SWLC manual from Pastor Dr. Mike Wells. There will be special forums for Pastors, Ladies, and Seminary Alumni. Everyone will also receive sample materials for a Discipleship Program that we have implemented in our church, and Bro. Belisle will be presenting a ministry training program called Teaching All Nations.

4 Student Missions Institutes for Training in Evangelism (S.M.I.T.E.) in 2018!

16-20 April 
1st S.M.I.T.E. in Ghana at Fundamental Baptist Church of Kumasi with Missionary Ted Speer

30 July—3 August                  
2nd Regional S.M.I.T.E. in Ogbomoso
Venue: Berean Baptist Church of Ogbomoso          
Host Pastor: Dr. Solomon Owolabi 080.3384.5430

13-17 August                          
8th Annual National S.M.I.T.E. in Abuja with Guest Preacher Jared Decker
Venue: Truth Baptist Church of Nyanya-Abuja       
Host Pastor: Missionary Mark Holmes

20-24 August                          
S.M.I.T.E. Port Harcourt with Guest Preacher Pastor Jared Decker (6th visit)
Venue: Independent Baptist Church of PHC            
Host Pastor: Missionary David Maskey

*** S.M.I.T.E. Ambassador Bro. Sonny McGuffee will be conducting classes and preaching again. This unique meeting equips teenagers to reach children through Bible Clubs while giving them the opportunity to practice what they have been taught. 

For the 10th time in our ministry Truth Baptist Church will hold a Great Commission Meeting in November 2018. Our mission board’s field director, Bro. Jeremy Snipes, will preach the missions conference for us.