May/June '13

9 July 2013

One week before the date on this letter, our assistant pastor, Justin Mathias, while on his motorcycle, had a terrible accident involving a dump truck.  An area hospital performed first aid for Bro. Justin, and the next day we transferred him to an orthopedic hospital in Jos, a nearby city. Pastor Justin's entire left leg had to be amputated.  His doctor has given us good reports on the recovery (Justin will be in the clinic for another six weeks with fractures in his right leg and right hand), and they were able to save enough of the leg to allow for a future prosthesis. Justin's wife (they've only been married for four months) is standing strong beside him, which has been his biggest encouragement.  Many who received our e-mail updates have already asked how they could help: so far, the hospital expenses have been $2500, and the artificial leg will cost about $1600; any help given towards that would be greatly appreciated.  Ultimately, we request your prayers for Justin [pictured at his traditional wedding, then at the hospital] during this life-changing event and for our church as it weathers this storm.

May and June were filled with special days and anticipated visitors.  Our 5th Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference was successful, with three guest preachers from the U.S., many national pastors bringing their members, scores of people saved during a school crusade, and several being called to ministry at the concluding service. Truth Baptist Church celebrated its 7th Anniversary on the Sunday of our conference for churches.  The guest room of our new house is "booked" through the first three weeks of July.  It started the second week of June as we welcomed our pastor's daughter, now a pastor's wife, and three ladies from their church in Texarkana.  They were an amazing blessing to our family and ministry, bringing gifts for Sabrina and the kids, delivering boxes of clothes and toys to an orphanage, and participating in our ministries to widows, government schools [our 4 visitors pictured with school staff], a local hospital, and a nearby prison. We were also pleased to again host Ms. Pat Hamburg, who worked with us more than two years, for her visit towards the end of June.

Having been invited for a great opportunity to preach a missions conference at a church and college towards the end of March 2014, our family is planning for a furlough, spanning mid-March through July of next year.  We have already begun to schedule meetings for our twenty-week time in the U.S.  I would love to report on the work at your church; you can reach me with our contact info on this site or on Facebook (

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