March/April '13

With our last update, we celebrated the completion of our newly built house; two visitors actually helped during our moving process in the midst of the many goals they came to accomplish. One of the men, Bro. T.J. Kimmel, a good friend with whom we have kept in touch since our days together in college, is the Director of International Expansion with Final Frontiers Foundation, which uses several different avenues to enhance the ministries of national church planters. Their newest tool for the Great Commission is what they are calling the "Power Pack," a fully wireless, battery-powered, and compact way to show the Jesus film in virtually any setting.  Bro. T.J. [pictured with Pastor Paul Udoh who is sent out by our ministry] generously used his three-week trip to do the film showing in six different venues, where four new churches will soon be started.  Final Frontiers has graciously allowed us to keep this all-in-one pack to use for evangelistic endeavors in the future.  Our men who worked with Bro. Kimmel were not only impressed with the effectiveness of the technology but also appreciative of the way they were trained to operate the equipment. For more information on this wonderful tool, visit
Though the construction of our house has constantly competed for my attention over the last several months, the ministry has not slowed down during this time. Truth Baptist Church expanded its circle of leadership with the ordination of two new deacons in March.  Providence Baptist College and Seminary is rounding up its seventh semester, with most of the students [pictured]

planning toward internships during the upcoming break.  Temple Baptist Institute has about fifteen students who are completing a new course every six weeks, meeting for four hours on Saturdays.  Plans are in place for the 5th Annual Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference, where we look to host three preachers from the U.S. and representatives from dozens of independent Baptist churches throughout Nigeria.  My regular travels also have not ceased, as I had the honor of joining Missionary David Maskey for an ordination in April at the church he founded.

On April 20th, for the second time in its nearly seven-year history, Truth Baptist Church held a banquet to raise funds for the building of an auditorium on the other half of our church property [pictured].  After a delicious meal provided by the Ladies’ Fellowship, our church members eagerly gathered on the already-existing foundation to pray over the area where we soon hope to erect pillars and a roof, which is all that would be needed to function with a larger meeting place for our church services.  Our other fund-raising efforts have raised about $18,000, and we're optimistic about the fact that over $10,000 was pledged from this banquet. Would you consider joining with our church efforts and encourage our folks who have already shown a willingness to sacrifice? In order to start the project with the confidence that we'll be able to complete this first phase, we still need about another $7000.  Any contributions sent through our mission board to this building project can be designated as "Auditorium."

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