September/October '13

Greetings from Abuja, where in September we rejoiced in the success of our 4th Annual Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism. Truth Baptist Church welcomed two guest preachers from the U.S. [Pastor Jared Decker pictured with our asst. pastor, Justin, whom we were pleased to have at the camp following his accident] and 120 teenagers and singles from 11 churches. The first graduation of our youth camp was held this year with 23 young people having completed our 4-year training for conducting Bible Clubs. Twenty Bible clubs were run during the week, enrolling over 1200 children, with over 500 raising their hand for salvation. We thrilled to hear several testimonies of how the campers have taken the Bible club materials along with the training they have received and helped their home churches to reach more children.
For several years, my family has requested that I would be the one to conduct my grandmother's funeral whenever the time would come. The Sunday after our youth camp, my mom's mother, at the age of 92, passed away at a hospice in Houston, Texas. On Tuesday, I took Victoria with me to make our first "emergency" journey to the U.S. during a term in Nigeria.  Though grieving the loss of my favorite encourager, the first person who ever taught me the Bible, I can say that with God's help the trip and the funeral could not have gone any better. It was refreshing to spend some time with family and friends (and partake in some Mississippi Gulf Coast seafood during my stay), and I did have the privilege of preaching in our sending church on the only Sunday night that I was there. Victoria [pictured with me after the funeral] was the perfect traveler, and we will never forget our special time together.

October was also filled with traveling and visitors as I made two trips to a southeastern state of Nigeria. One was to preach for a pastor friend's [Pastor Timothy Ojo pictured with his wife and a church member behind their celebration cake] 20th anniversary of ministry and the other for the 6th anniversary service at a church where one of our graduates is the assistant pastor. In the middle of the month, we hosted a representative of Global Baptist Church Planters, a ministry where I have recently begun serving as a partner; their support of two of our seminary graduates was instrumental in getting two more churches started earlier this year.

In November, Truth Baptist Church will begin to buy materials for our auditorium building project; please pray as we start the work. Personally, our family would like to make a couple of requests for our furlough that will run from mid-March through July of next year: we need a phone and a vehicle for traveling (we are familiar with BBTM as an option). We have been blessed during each visit to the States that different friends have saved us a lot of money in these two necessities. In fact, last furlough we were given a Taurus to own, which is perfect when I travel alone or with one of my children; pray with us that we can once again have access to a van or SUV for trips with our whole family.

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