September/October '09

Truth Baptist Church completed its second missions conference in October by exceeding all expectations as our members continue their giving to support Nigerian ministries outside of our own work. We welcomed a guest evangelist to preach the conference [Evangelist Yinka Fasinro's children pictured singing a special], and each night there was a presentation of a different ministry for which I wanted our church to catch a burden. With the increased vision, our people are now donating, above their regular tithes and offerings, about $175 per month. Among the ministries we are helping to support is a deaf camp, another Bible college, a printing ministry, a Nigerian missionary to Ghana, a church planting ministry, and four new churches. I am happy to proclaim that the cause and blessings of missions has not stopped on the mission field!

Our church has experienced new growth in the last two months, both numerically and in maturity. With no special promotion recently, there has been more than one Sunday that we have topped over 200 in attendance during the morning service. With the addition of our Bible college students, I am using them to start a new single men’s Sunday school class; we will also have one for women taught by two of our church ladies. Some new ideas have also prompted us to split our girls’ and boys’ classes, so that we now have 15 total Sunday school classes at Truth Baptist Church.
The August opening of our Bible college has caused some additions and adjustments to my personal schedule and the program of our church. I now teach classes [pictured above] and preach chapel from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays, and our college faculty [pictured right] and staff meeting is on Thursdays before our church prayer meeting. This is in addition to my previous schedule of teaching Bible institute for two hours on Tuesday evenings, teaching in our mid-week service, participating in church-wide soul-winning, conducting choir practice on Saturdays, and leading music and preaching for the regular Sunday morning and evening church services. Our church has added the showing of a preaching DVD on Wednesdays, as well as a preachers’ meeting, Bible club outreach, or some other activity for the college students on Fridays.

Not long after the grand opening of our college, we welcomed Ms. Pat Hamburg to work with us here in Abuja. This single-lady missionary has been in Nigeria for eight years already, and it is a joy to have her helping us in the Bible institute, Sunday schools, ladies’ fellowship, soul-winning ministries, and an upcoming new literacy class. Our church folks already love her, and it is great for Joseph, Victoria, and Brian to have a “grandmother” in the house. Please pray for her as she could surely use more financial support and that she will find good affordable housing close to our church.

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