July/August '09

The landmark occurrence from the last two months is something towards which we have been working for almost four years. Our first-ever graduation for Temple Baptist Institute saw nine graduates, representing three churches, receive their diplomas (two-year certificates) in Ministerial Studies. Two of the graduates are now senior pastors of churches here in Abuja, and one is ready to start a new church in another state by October. The inaugural class also included three assistant pastors and a pastor’s wife. The ceremony was one of the sweetest services that we have experienced in Truth Baptist Church as we concluded with an ordination [pictured right] for four pastors after hearing their captivating testimonies. We are looking forward to having many more of these events in the future.

The graduation and ordination service was held as a finale of our 2nd Annual Pastors School. The 2009 Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference was conducted by four visiting preachers [Bobby Bonner pictured] from the States, and has become a highlight for Bible-believing pastors throughout the country. The attendance increased from last year, and we are glad to say that about fifty of the eighty-five total independent Baptist pastors in Nigeria have attended our conference in these two years! Our guests were treated to delicious meals at our church cooked by our Ladies Fellowship, great music and testimonies given by various groups and ministers, and gift books and Bibles brought by our American visitors.

Less than one month after our conference, we welcomed fifteen students from nine different churches for the start of our new Bible college. The Truth Baptist Church property [pictured] is the site of our full-time training institution where all but one student is staying in our newly-completed dormitory rooms. Orientation was held on August 10th, and now three classes and a spirited chapel service are conducted daily in our church auditorium. Two national pastors have joined me to teach five courses during the semester this year.

After all of these activities, my wife and children deserved a vacation where I was able to re-introduce myself to them as husband and father! Our three kids enjoyed playing, relaxing, and eating with Mom and Dad at a lakeside resort for five days at the end of August. It is the balance of all four activities mentioned in this letter that have caused my family to refer to Nigeria more and more as “home”.

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Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy seeing the pictures and keeping up with your ministry.