May/June '09

During our first full year in Nigeria, we had the fantastic privilege of hosting Sabrina’s father and the older of her two brothers. Now, in our fourth year, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law [pictured with Victoria] were able to visit in June. They stayed for two Sundays, and we had a wonderful time introducing them to all of our faithful members, students, and other friends. With my wife, our two visitors [pictured below with Sabrina's Sunday school class] formed a trio and sang and played to the delight of our people at Truth Baptist Church. Because my wife looks so much like her mom, there was more than one occasion when one of our church members talked to my mother-in-law thinking that it was Sabrina!
The middle of May is normally the time that we celebrate our church’s anniversary. This year we have moved the special service to the Sunday before our 2nd Annual Soul Winning and Leadership Conference, and Evangelist Dr. Mike Wells [pictured soul-winning in Nyanya] will be preaching the 3rd Anniversary of Truth Baptist Church. After the pastors’ conference on July 13-16, we will have the first graduation and ordination service for our Temple Baptist Institute. We are excitedly looking forward to what God will do during what I believe will be the biggest week ever for our church.

In November 2007, we came back to Nigeria after Brian’s birth in August. We are now planning to make it back to the U.S. before Christmas this year and stay through March 31, 2010. I have already begun scheduling meetings; if you would like for us to report on our ministry at your church, then please let us know by e-mail or phone call. Sabrina and I look forward to seeing many of our friends, family, and other ministry supporters during our stay in the States.
[Below: My family pictured with our newest addition, a yellow labrador retriever named Sandy]


ecblack said...

Thanks for the black lab puppy. The kids love him. But I'm not sure if he'll make a good guard dog. I took him out of our compound today and he was shaking with his tail between his legs.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too actually thought that it was Sabrina in the picture untill I read below and had to take another look! Glad you had a wonderful family time together as that is so very important! Judy Fitzpatrick