March/April '09

April turned out to be the month of the bride and groom as I officiated in the seventh and eighth weddings of my short time here in Nigeria. On the 11th, it was my honor to conduct the union of one of our national pastors in Abuja, Pastor Simon Nyam, to his new wife, Rachel. The occasion was made even more special as several other preachers and missionaries attended. One of the ministers stayed to preach for us that Sunday evening. On the 25th, I was asked to do the wedding of a faithful couple at another independent Baptist church in the area.

We have renewed our focus for outreach recently. A new soul-winners’ training class has been started during the Sunday School hour as a ten-week extension of our discipleship class. We have been pleased to see as many as twenty-five adults present themselves for this important instruction. Several visitors came and heard the Gospel during the 2nd Anniversary of our Thursday children’s program. Many of those visitors on Sunday morning are parents of the children that attend our kids’ Bible study. Furthermore, we now have two men that go out for soul-winning or follow-up every day of the week. Several of our men are becoming seasoned spreaders of the Word.

It has been an exciting time for my sending church, Faith Baptist in Gulfport, Mississippi, as they have continued seeing growth in the ministry of Bible Education And Missionary Service (BEAMS). Dr. Dan Carr, my sending pastor, has been the home church pastor of BEAMS for over two years now. They are operating in many countries and have been distributing whole, hardback Bibles to us in Nigeria since before we even started our church. We use the Bibles mainly as a reward for those who complete our Genesis class [pictured] and as a blessing to several national pastors for whom I preach. For anyone who has a desire to get Bibles to the mission field, BEAMS is a worthy investment of your prayers and support.

Joseph (5) and Victoria (3) are learning some songs to present for when their grandmother (Sabrina’s mom) comes to visit in June; Brian (1) is just glad to stand and look cute while the others perform. Along with the privilege we had of hosting a visiting pastor in April, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law coming soon, we also are praying towards having two returning guest preachers for our second pastors’ conference in July. Things are never boring here!

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bourgeois said...

Bro. Mark and family, what an honor it was to have recieved the email and update about the great work the Lord is doing through you there in Africa. Our family prays for you and cant wait to hear from you again real soon. May God continue to Bless you and protect you. Bro. Brian Bourgeois and family Faith Baptist Church Gulfport