January/February '09

Our ministry has already focused on 2009 as the time that we will start our Bible college (in August, with God’s help) for the purpose of sending out graduates to begin Bible-believing churches. However, immediate exciting opportunities have been thrust upon us to launch a new church, re-establish another, and assist one of our Temple Bible Institute graduates in the founding of a church. We are thankful for three supporting churches who have already contributed extra to these church planting efforts, and we pray that others who are reading this will assist us in our labors to buy land, erect buildings [like the one pictured], and help support the men who will be pastoring these works.

After having two previous conflicts in scheduling, my sending church pastor, Dr. Dan Q. Carr [pictured with Pastor Simon Peter and his wife], was able to visit us in February and preach our second-annual week-long revival meeting. Sabrina was thrilled to have her first official visitor, as my pastor’s wife was able to make the journey also. Our church immediately fell in love with both of them, and, in many ways, their trip proved to be in perfect timing. Upon their arrival back to Gulfport, Faith Baptist Church promptly raised enough money for us to buy a new generator that will supply all the back-up electricity to run everything in our house. Work has also continued on our property for the Bible college due to the extra financial contribution our mission board’s home church, First Baptist of Hammond.

Allow me to conclude this letter with a testimony from one of our church ushers, police Sergeant Republic Dakum [pictured right], who attended our church’s very first evening service and later joined the membership:

My wife and I were born, brought up, and married as Catholic, but when I came in contact with Pastor Mark, my life and that of my family changed. This took the pastor about two months of coming to my house frequently in order to convince me that one has to be saved before baptism. However, he showed it from the scriptures, and both of us with my family were baptized into Truth Baptist Church. I give God the glory! My testimony has always been that God actually brought Pastor Mark Holmes to Nigeria for ME. I have been blessed by the word of God in Truth Baptist Church and more enlightened through some explanations by Pastor Mark; this has strengthened me. Also, the various pastoral conferences which the pastor has organized have helped most of us in the church. We are able to be visited by great men of God; by these I believe we are strongly blessed. One thing I want to emulate from my pastor is that it is amazing the strength he exhibits in visiting each member of our church at his or her residence. This depicts the level of commitment, and the pastor has made up his mind to serve God in truth. This church has helped me much in particular because of the preaching and also for the soul-winning every Saturday; some of our members do this every day. Thank God for his grace!

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Todd Futhey<>< said...

Mark, It has been encouraging to read through your site and very good of you to speak with me over the phone. We plan on sending our container (Lord willing) in August and arriving in Sept. to be there to receive it. Perhaps we can locate an embankment that the truck can back up to and off load everything and then use the machine to unload the container.
If you think of anything else to share with us, feel free to email, Jesussaves@truevine.net
Our website is Prayersfarm.org

In Jesus' name, Todd<><