November/December '09

Sabrina and I, along with Joseph, Victoria, and Brian arrived safely in New Orleans from Abuja on December 6th; we will be in the U.S. until April 2nd. During our short furlough I will have the privilege of presenting our work in 40 churches, including the opportunities to participate in five missions conferences, teach at three Bible colleges, conduct a missions emphasis day, minister in five Christian schools, attend two pastor’s conferences, and preach an Alabama church’s 13th Anniversary. Though it is a busy schedule, the fact that most of our meetings are scheduled in Mississippi and Louisiana will give my wife and kids plenty of opportunity to spend time with our relatives [our children pictured spending their first Christmas with new cousins].

Before we left for America, several things were accomplished for Truth Baptist Church. A temporary church council to handle decisions was set up consisting of our two staff members (assistant pastor and treasurer), two deacons, and two trustees. A preaching schedule was made for nineteen different men to preach in my absence. This includes twelve God-called men from our church, five guest preachers [1 pictured], and the two national pastors that work with me in our college. Please pray with us that our church will continue to mature in the seventeen-Sunday furlough of its pastor.

While our new Bible college rounded up its first semester, I presented our students with a fresh opportunity. Seven independent Baptist pastors expressed interest in having a Bible college student work with them as an intern during the time that the school is on break (the length of our furlough). The pastors are getting zealous young college students who are willing to serve, the churches are agreeing to house and feed the young men, and our seminary pupils are gaining unique experience and training in practical ministry work [1 of our students is pictured with his pastor]. It is another way that our ministry is hoping to be a blessing to the many Bible-believing works throughout Nigeria.

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