May/June '07

As Sabrina and I made acknowledgment of our second year in Nigeria, Truth Baptist Church successfully celebrated its first Anniversary Service on May 13 with a record attendance of 217! It’s been the only time that we’ve eclipsed 200 during the morning service. Another part of our special month was the conducting of a public Film Showing on the 25th at the main soccer field in our town. The biggest one-day meeting in which our church had been involved saw our people excited to count over 300 spectators with more than 60 receiving Christ by the end of the night. I was very pleased to observe many of our young Christians distributing stacks of tracts to those who passed by the venue not far from our church.

After averaging 100 in attendance for the first time in April, our regular turnout increased to over 150 for May and June. We also made a big deal of new members in the month of June. We featured two special Membership Services where 65 faithful folks joined Truth Baptist Church.

Our fourth unique gathering of the two months was a Thanksgiving Service on June 24th. This is an annual event in most Nigerian churches when specific needs are presented and met, and a big offering is taken for the church. During our particular version, I revealed to the church that we had completed negotiations for the second half of the property we were purchasing. I then challenged the members to be willing to sacrifice and give for the building of an auditorium solely for Truth Baptist Church on the newly acquired portion of our property [view of Nyanya pictured from the top of our plot]. To conclude, we took a special collection for purpose of a future auditorium.

This service also was the culmination of my recent twelve-week preaching series on giving. I initiated the use of envelopes for our members where they could record tithes for regular church expenses, offerings for the building, and missions money for Nigerian men who desire to start works in other nations. It’s our goal to see missions continue even on the mission field! Please pray for continued growth of the church and for traveling mercies as we plan to arrive in the U.S. on July 3rd for the birth of our third child.

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