July/August '07

Though born 2 ½ weeks before his due date, Brian Michael Holmes came into this world as a healthy 7-pound baby at 5:24 p.m. on August 20 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our third child is carrying the names of both of his grandfathers. The one he's never met was my dad (who died in 1989); his middle name was Michael. Brian is the first name of Sabrina's dad who was in the delivery room when we named our boy. I was with Sabrina at a regular 2 p.m. appointment as the doctor voiced some concerns and said it would be best to have her surgery that day rather than the 31st. Taken by surprise, Sabrina handled herself greatly through it all, and we thank God that both Mama and Baby are well.

My last Sunday in Nigeria was the first Sunday in July, and it was one that gave our family a great image to remember our ministry while we are gone for almost four months. Our morning attendance was 158, and I had the privilege of baptizing 11 after the service. The a.m. sermon invitation was also very memorable as six men stood for the first time signifying that they believed God was calling them to preach. That gives us 16 men that have surrendered to the call of God in the 14 months since we started Truth Baptist Church.

Several have asked who will be overseeing our ministry while we are in the U.S. The way that seemed best was for us to outline every responsibility of the church and to “plug in” a faithful man for each aspect. Our church members will hear 19 different preachers during the 17 weeks that we are away. Truth Baptist has 13 men that preach regularly [several pictured], Bro. Gensaw (the other missionary in Abuja) will preach several times along with four of his men, and a local national pastor (Bro. Simon) will minister some. Pastor Simon will also be continuing the progress of our Bible Institute for three months. When I return, if the Lord will, we plan to work together and double the course load of our curriculum.

Please allow me to make a small request as we are in the States. Before we went to Nigeria, a church gave us 60 books of Soul-Stirring Songs & Hymns (the old green ones). Our people really enjoy them, and we need more. If your church or a ministry you know would be willing to donate some to us, it would be a big help.

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