March/April '07

April saw the Truth Baptist Church of Nyanya-Abuja reach another milestone at the end of our opening year of existence. For the first time, we averaged over 100 in attendance during a full month (104, to be exact). In the last two months, several of our faithful people have started three soul-winning and visitation groups [group pictured], in addition to our weekly church-wide evangelism on Saturday afternoons. Also, we have added a separate children’s choir to the adult choral group that’s been active since the fifth month of our ministry.

Sabrina and I are glad to formally announce that we are expecting our third child. My wife is officially due on September 5th, and, in keeping with doctors’ recommendations, we are scheduled to fly back to the U.S. on July 2nd. The already-Mother-of-two has done amazingly well in keeping the home and helping in the church during her time of being with child. Sabrina plans our music program (congregational, special, and choir singing), serves as the church pianist, and trains our children’s Sunday School teachers. She also now teaches the teenage girls’ class [pictured], one of our newest church program additions which gives us a total of seven Sunday School classes. Ultimately, she has her hands full with Joseph (3 years), who talks clearly and can ask a variety of questions, and Victoria (16 months) [pictured at 9 months], who is finally walking well and reaching almost everything she wants!

At the beginning of March, Sabrina and I signed up for something that I’ve wanted to do for some time. As we started our church last year, we noticed that most of the people in the Nyanya area spoke one main local tongue, Hausa (pronounced “house-ah”), in addition to the country’s official language of English. Hausa is a dialect that is native in at least four different countries, and is predominant in the northern part of Nigeria. My wife and I are now enrolled in two-hour language classes three times weekly for three months. We have already benefited from the training, and our church folks deeply appreciate our efforts. When you study the language of a populace, you learn not only what they speak but how they think. We are certainly enjoying this opportunity to be acquainted with our people better.

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