August/September '04

During the first half of August, we were privileged to have several meetings close to home. On the fourth, my home pastor asked me to preach the mid-week service. At the end of the service, Bro. Carr had a prayer of dedication with Sabrina and me for our son, Joseph. Also, a special thanks goes to Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport for sending us a substantial amount of money that will be set aside for the purchase of a vehicle when we get to Nigeria.
A much-anticipated trip to the Carolinas, along with one meeting in Ohio, consumed about 4 ½ weeks of our schedule and included ten churches, most of which are pastored by graduates of Hyles-Anderson College (three of the preachers were in school at the same time that my wife and I attended). During the trip, we had the excitement of leading eighteen souls to Christ in personal soul winning, and at least three people surrendered to full-time Christian service from the several opportunities that I was given to preach. Between meetings one week, Sabrina and I spent two nights at a lodge in the Nantahala National Forest (a place where my family use to vacation) as a late celebration of our third anniversary.

At the end of September in my hometown of Gulfport, I had the honor of preaching my first revival meeting ever at one of our newest supporting churches. The cancellation of a missions conference by a church opened our schedule to allow for this great opportunity. Five people were saved and about thirty visitors attended during the five-night meeting which also saw several of the members go out soul winning for the first time. [Pastor & Mrs. Davidson pictured]

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