October/November '04

These two months of autumn have allowed us to appreciate several opportunities to stay with family members during our meetings. Just in the month of October, we visited relatives in the areas of Gulfport (MS), Baton Rouge (LA), Dallas and Houston (TX), and Birmingham (AL). Our churches were mainly in the Southeast except for one in Illinois, and we presented our ministry in seven different missions conferences.

Sabrina and I have been amazed by the multitude of unique ministry opportunities in which we’ve been able to participate; in the midst of a week-long conference in Austin, Texas [Pastor Hank Thompson pictured], I teamed with several other missionaries and members of the church as we preached the gospel of Christ on the street directly in front of the University of Texas (until recently the largest college in the nation)! That next Saturday, I met with Bro. Arthur Alvarez and helped him pass out flyers for his new work in Round Rock, Texas. Pastor Alvarez and I served together a few times in the bus ministry while we attended Hyles-Anderson College. It was encouraging to see his excitement for the church and vision for that area, and he wants us to be their first supported missionary. On November 14th, we got news that the brand new Round Rock Baptist Church had 111 in attendance in their first service—Praise the Lord! From there, we went to Houston and attended our first Spanish conference [Pastor Carrizales pictured]. I wish I had paid more attention during my two years of foreign language classes in high school! The preaching was great and included messages from our mission board founder, Dr. Mike Cox.

In a letter sent during this time last year, I asked for prayer as we were then trying to sell our mobile home that Sabrina and I had been living in while we worked at our home church for two years. Thankfully, except for one month, the trailer has been rented by a family in our church since we’ve been on deputation, and recently the Lord allowed us to pay the mortgage in full without using any monthly support that we’ve received for our ministry—what a victory! Thank you to those who remembered us in this matter; we prayerfully anticipate many more triumphs in the future.

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