June/July '04

Much traveling was done by Sabrina and me during these first two months of summer. June saw us “up north” (that’s any area past Jackson, Mississippi!) for three weeks in Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Kentucky. Then we were able to spend a week with my aunt and uncle in Houston, Texas, before going to Arkansas to close out the month of July.

Unfortunately, the survey trip to our field had to be postponed again. In order to visit Nigeria on even a tourist visa, a letter of invitation from a government-recognized source has to be obtained. We had some delay in that document being sent, and by the time we received it, there were no flights available for the dates we needed. Our idea now is to take a trip around the first of the year, close to the time we hope to start our first term in early 2005. This would allow us to secure a home and maybe even a vehicle in our place of service; moreover, we would be able to get definite details about shipping our goods and also the cost of necessities. Please pray with us about our plans.

On the last Wednesday of July, I preached at a church near Sabrina’s home town of Denham Springs, Louisiana. After the message, I first asked for anyone who was unsure of their salvation to raise their hand. Just when I was about to make a plea for Christians to make a decision, a young adult lady in the very back barely lifted her hand as she was looking at me. I immediately prayed and then gave simple instructions to anyone who was ready to make a decision. On the second verse of the invitation song, I made eye contact with the same lady, and she started shaking her head, unwilling to come forward. Before the next verse was over, this young single mother was walking down the aisle with the lady who brought her to church. The assistant pastor’s wife then led her to receive Christ as her Saviour. Usually, I turn the invitation over to the pastor, but because he was out of town, I had the special privilege of seeing someone get saved right in front of me. My sermon explained to the people that doing the work of God would get them through the tough times of life. The church member who brought the visitor was experiencing a particularly hard trial, and she became a living illustration to the message that had just been preached! Many instances like this have kept me excited about deputation, for God is definitely using Sabrina and me even before we get to the field of Nigeria.

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