January/February '17

On January 19th, our family returned to Nigeria after a productive time on furlough. The last two weekends in America were spent at our sending church in Gulfport and then at Sabrina’s home church in Baton Rouge where I had the privilege of preaching both Sunday evening services. Around New Year’s Day, a mini-vacation was enjoyed at a missionary resort cabin [pictured] in central Tennessee for 4 nights; it was a nice break in the midst of more than forty meetings during our five-month stay.

This particular "home- coming" back to West Africa was in many ways our best ever. The flights through London and into Abuja “were perfect” (to quote my wife), our house was immaculately cleaned and in good working order upon our arrival, and several church members had prepared welcoming gifts for our family. The first Sunday morning service at Truth Baptist Church was very encouraging, as we observed faithful men and ladies carrying on things that Sabrina and I started more than a decade ago. At Grace & Glory Baptist, we joyously took part in a baby dedication; the venue was filled to capacity with relatives, visitors, and well-wishers for the two families represented [pictured].

February 1st was the orientation for a new semester at Providence Baptist College & Seminary. We have welcomed five new students with hopes to have a commencement for ten graduates at the beginning of next year. The end of the month was highlighted by the ordination for a man who was reached by Missionary Maskey, trained at our college, and then sent out by the first church that Missionary Long began over 30 years ago; newly-ordained Royal Idakari [pictured at his graduation], along with his wife, successfully started a church in September, and they are a great testimony to the truth that one may plant, another can water, and it is definitely God who gives the increase.

Below is a letter from Missionary Evangelist Jim Belisle, a Field Service Coordinator with Fundamental Baptist Missions International
February 18, 2016
God has allowed me, for the past four years, to preach for Missionary Mark Holmes who ministers in the country of Nigeria. I had first met Brother Holmes at a conference about two years prior to preaching for him. At the time, I did not know the extent of the ministry I would observe. During my acquaintance with him these last four years I have been very impressed with what the Lord has allowed him to accomplish.  

One of our concerns as preachers in sending forth missionaries, is we want to believe that what they do during their service in an area, will last after they leave the field. We understand an area will never be reached just by the missionary. If an area is to be reached, it must be reached by the local population getting a vision for how God can use them in His work. I can say without reservation that what I have seen regarding the ministry God has allowed Brother Holmes to start, that ministry will last after he and his family leave the area. I am not talking about just the specific church that he first started or even the churches he has personally been involved in starting. I am talking about the influence he has had on the nationals. 

Brother Holmes has a remarkable ministry of influence throughout Nigeria. He has not only started churches, but he has a Bible Institute, a Bible Seminary and a Bible Correspondence School. Just recently he has added to the correspondence school, using CDs with solid doctrinal teaching. Also his church has had a part in establishing scores of churches that have national pastors who have had good solid training. He partners with a number of US ministries, (BEAMS and other similar ministries), so that his people can get good, Baptist based books and literature for their personal use. Each year, he and other preachers have a National Soul Winning and Leadership Conference. The interest has grown so much he is now having regional conferences. God is using these conferences to stir up pastors to follow the Baptist teachings of the Bible, to be soul winners and to build New Testament Baptist churches. Praise the Lord! This is why I am convinced his influence will continue long after Brother Holmes can no longer continue his ministry tin Nigeria! This ministry is a great example of a ministry being God’s ministry and not man’s ministry.   

I am always honored to be with Brother Holmes. I heartily recommend pastors to prayerfully consider having a part of this ministry. I believe your support will bring much fruit to your account.


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