November/December '16

November was momentous for Sabrina and me in that it was our first Thanksgiving in the U.S. in over a decade. Our family thoroughly enjoyed spending the holiday with both sets of relatives. Christmas was extra special as all three of Sabrina’s siblings with their spouses were together in her home area. The four families, including fourteen children, surprised my mother-in-law with a new piano for her rebuilt house. Please pray that her home renovation from the August flood damage will be completed soon.

It has been a great privilege for the first time on a furlough to have someone “fill in” for us. Bro. and Mrs. Sidney McGuffee [pictured with the SMITE guest preachers and our youth camp caterer] arrived towards the end of July and stayed in our home through mid-December.  At the beginning of this year, upon revealing in their home church a calling to become missionaries in Nigeria, they began raising support to minister in West Africa. Bro. McGuffee had been a supporting pastor of our ministry from the beginning, was instrumental in starting our Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism, has preached at Truth Baptist Church and in school ministries for the last five months, and ultimately wishes to work with our ministry and help with church planting and the starting of more youth camps throughout the continent. We ask you to pray for Bro. Sonny and Mrs. Dianne as they continue deputation through June of next year.

Through over 40 meetings on this furlough, it has never gotten old for me to testify of how God has blessed our family and work, especially in the area of multiplication. To date, 32 churches have been started by those who have been trained and/or ordained by our ministry.  The recent acceleration in church planting growth has been made possible by organizations such as C.O.R.E. Missions. Centered On Remote Evangelism [CORE group that visited in May pictured] works closely with missionaries to determine how they can be assisted in reaching their areas for Christ. Currently, CORE is desiring to support eight national pastors through three missionaries in Nigeria (including four with us), as well as working in fifteen other countries. Your potential support of CORE Missions directly benefits our work, so please visit for more information. 

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