June 25, 2012
Yesterday was our first Sunday back to Nigeria from our six-month furlough [family pictured with our mothers at the airport], and the welcome we received from Truth Baptist Church was very warm indeed.  The most encouraging greeting was the successful way that so many things continued in our absence. Not only did the church thrive in sustaining the preaching services, Sunday schools, soul-winning times, Lord’s supper and baptism ordinances, preachers’ meeting, and adding new members, but also the leaders maintained interest in our new programs of family time, special soul-winning days, and church-wide visitation.  In addition, for the first time, Providence Baptist College and Seminary completed almost a full semester before our return, and I am truly thankful to the two national pastors who partnered together for such an endeavor.  Finally, we are looking forward to working with the two new churches that were started during our stint in the U.S.

I’d like to take the majority of this prayer letter to give some details of an opportunity that we have upcoming.  In May, I traveled to South Carolina in a moving van to deliver some items that we had purchased and others that were donated towards a container that we are being allowed to share with a veteran missionary who has an orphanage ministry.  Included will be 10,000 New Testaments, John & Romans, and Bibles that were donated by the printing ministry of Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington.  There is still some time before the container will be sent, so I would like to list some things that we want to include in the shipment.  If you can help with any items, or money towards them, Sabrina and I would greatly appreciate the assistance.  Any deliveries can always be made to our sending church, or you can contact me for the address where we are storing items for the container.  The following is our “wish list”:

laptops for college graduates
study Bibles for preachers
Christian books for the college library
children’s church materials
solid wood bookshelves
furniture for the college
hymn players
printing press with supplies
twin mattress with box spring
ping pong table
children’s wagon
bathroom scale
Melaleuca cleaning products
220V washing machine
kitchen cabinets
tool kits
solar panels

Sabrina, Joseph, Victoria, Brian, Noah, and I greatly appreciate your support and prayers!

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