November/December '11

February 23, 2012

Our family arrived back into the U.S. on December 14th (Victoria’s 6th birthday) and we had a wonderful time spending the holidays with relatives and friends.  I have scheduled several meetings close to our home areas of Baton Rouge and Gulfport during this time surrounding the baby’s birth [above is Noah pictured with Pastor J. Martin and his wife].  We plan to begin traveling as a family next week, and we’ll be quite busy until our departure to Nigeria on June 18. I’m excited about the opportunities to speak in five Bible colleges, four missions conferences, two youth camps, and a pastors’ conference.   

The last big work for Truth Baptist Church before our furlough was to host the 4th Annual Soul Winning and Leadership Conference. Once again, we were thrilled to welcome in three American guest preachers, along with dozens of national pastors, many bringing several church members and staff with them. This year I had the privilege of teaching lessons on church planting during our afternoon sessions. Along with the conference, our guest speakers spoke in several secondary schools [one pictured].  In all, they preached to almost 7250 students, with more than 5500 raising their hand for salvation.
Two Sundays before we departed, a deacon ordination was held to ordain the third such officer [Deacon 
Dakum pictured right] of our church.  With a high attendance and a great spirit, our folks rejoiced with the candidate on which we laid hands. Please continue to pray for Truth Baptist Church as we are still in the midst of two building projects, and pray for our family as plans are being made for building our house.  Also we are praying that the five new churches that were started in 2011 will grow this year in our absence.

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