July/August '11

Our 2nd Annual Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism was a great success in August. In this year’s youth camp, 120 teens and young adults were involved, conducting 19 Bible clubs where over 1300 children heard the Gospel! The mornings were busy with teaching, and the evenings were filled with special music and messages from our three American guests [one pictured with his Bible club]; the remainder of the time was eventful with Bible clubs, good food, and fun fellowship. I believe this year established the camp as an annual highlight amongst our independent Baptists.

The beginning of July was a “calm” before our guest preacher and youth camp “storm.” Our family delighted in welcoming Sabrina’s mother [pictured with us at a baby dedication] (traveling with a friend of our family) for a second visit. Joseph, Brian, and Victoria were thrilled to have their “Nana” around for almost three weeks, and I was more than happy to open my ministry schedule for some needed family time, enjoyable sight-seeing, and relaxing recreation.
The end of July gave me the opportunity to make my first trip to Togo, as I accompanied a preacher [Bro. Jim Brown pictured shaking the hand of a convert] to the capital city of the West African nation that is very close in proximity to Nigeria. We preached for a national missionary and held programs for several of his church plants. The week before, the guest evangelist spoke in our church, seminary, and monthly preachers’ meeting.

Sabrina and I are happy to publicly announce that we are expecting our 4th child (hopefully by mid-February)! As with Brian and Victoria, we will be in the U.S. for the birth; our plane tickets have been booked for December 14 through June 18. We should be traveling extensively during our furlough, so please let me know, pastors and other friends, if you want us to visit.


Asma said...

its a good to know about study there and I appriciate them to do this act for promoting a country.

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Lissa said...

So excited to be able to read about the work that you are doing there!! God bless you guys!
I would love to share your blog posts on the Women's Missionary Society Facebook page if that is ok.