March/April '08

May 12, 2008

Yesterday, Truth Baptist Church celebrated its 2nd Anniversary. We broke our previous record of 217 with an attendance of 280 in the morning preaching service! Almost 90 came back in the evening to hear our guest speaker again. Earlier in the month we held a special Sunday School program with refreshments, and in a couple of weeks we will use a few promotions and start a series on marriage to try and further boost our Sunday night Bible Study crowds as part of our month-long commemoration.

The church set a different record before our anniversary by averaging over 165 in the morning services for March and April. Sabrina recently started having children’s choir practice on Sunday evenings, which has encouraged more families to come for the Bible study, raising our regular crowd to above 60. At our mid-week prayer meeting we continue to have about 75 in attendance (including our kids’ Bible study program).

After three years in Nigeria, we’ve found the easiest, least expensive, and most effective way to get visitors at our young church…Baby Dedication! Just before Christmas, Truth Baptist Church held one such service for six babies including our son, Brian, and gladly welcomed about 20 guests. We had over 40 first-timers in March when I prayed over three of our church’s new children. Last month 17 new folks came out because of one family’s ceremony for their daughter; the father even provided refreshments for our whole church. Sabrina and I bring a gift to each of the families involved, so it has given us a unique opportunity to do something special for these new parents and to preach the gospel to many of their friends and relatives.

We have been busily preparing for both our first-ever Pastors’ School (Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference in July) and also next year’s opening of our Bible college. We are making ready 20 dormitory rooms [1 pictured last year with 2 visitors from Florida, Ted Williams & Ben Senior], expanding our auditorium, drilling a well for water, installing restroom facilities, and adding many lights and fans. I’ve sent invitation letters to 63 independent Baptist national pastors, many others have heard by word of mouth, and we have received calls literally from all over the country with preachers expressing interest in our special meeting. We are truly excited about what this conference may do for the cause of the Great Commission.

Below is a letter from one of those visitors pictured, Ben Senior, deacon at First Baptist Church of South Brevard in Melbourne, Florida

Thanks again to you and your family for your hospitality while we were surveying the Aba and Abuja areas. I had an enjoyable time, and I was blessed to see the incredible work that you are doing with the building of the church and the Bible Institute.

It was such an eye-opening experience to travel out into the “bush” and see the work that Pastor Ron Gensaw and you are doing with villagers for the purpose to which God has clearly called you. There is more to compassion than to simply experience a feeling of compassion. In seeing your work being done, one can truly appreciate the words in the New Testament describing how Jesus "saw the multitude and was moved with compassion." The action of the word "moved" used in the New Testament to describe the compassion of Christ cannot be ignored in that we, like Christ, must be active in our compassion for others.

I look forward to when we report to our Church about our trip throughout Nigeria . I am excited to see how our Church might do more for the Nigeria Project.

Benjamin Senior

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