January 2003

The new year has brought to Sabrina and I many beginnings about which we are quite excited. Our very first meeting for deputation was in Louisiana during the second week of the month. It was an exceedingly joyful and gratifying time that saw us shed some tears as we realized that many of the things for which we’ve worked and prayed and planned are finally coming to pass. Sabrina and I sang together twice, and I enjoyed working with the bus ministry and flea market soul-winning ministry. We displayed our ministry board and gave a presentation for the first time; I had not before presented our work in detail to a church besides our sending church. The missions conference services were definitely spirited and challenging; we were privileged to see several friends and also to lead a precious soul to Christ during the weekend we were there. Additionally, we were a part of two missions conferences in Mississippi during this month.

This was also the first time that we took an active role as missionaries in our sending church’s missions conference. During the third week in January, Faith Baptist Church learned much about our current missionaries, added more families for support, and raised our Faith Promise missions pledges by almost forty percent over the previous year! Pastor Carr will continue to use me in the role of ministries director until we start full-time deputation in late May, Lord willing. [the family of my pastor, Bro. Dan Carr, pictured]

We have a survey trip to Nigeria scheduled for the first week in April. We are very thankful for the way that God is gradually filling our deputation calendar through the end of this year. Please pray that we will continue to have opportunities to be a blessing to many more churches.............
The following is a letter of recommendation from my sending church pastor, Dr. Dan Q. Carr, Sr. of Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi:
August 12, 2002
Dear Pastor,

As a pastor for the last 18 years, I have received many letters and phone calls from missionaries. I know how busy pastors are, so I will be brief.

I desire to recommend to you Bro. Mark and Mrs. Sabrina Holmes, missionaries to Nigeria, West Africa. I have known this young couple since they were teenagers, and I must admit that I perhaps have never pastored a finer couple in my church. Selfishly, I would love for them to stay at Faith Baptist and work with me, but they must follow God’s will.

I promise you that your church will not waste one penny by supporting this couple. They are faithful, loyal, balanced, separated, soul-winning, Bible-believing Christians who love Jesus! Mark and Sabrina are exactly what every pastor would want his members to be. Please prayerfully consider supporting this couple.

Because Jesus Lives!
Pastor Dan Carr
Galatians 6:9

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