February/March '03

As this letter is written, Sabrina and I are excited to be less than seven weeks away from beginning full-time the process of raising funds for our ministry. At Faith Baptist Church, I continue to teach our young adult Sunday School class, and we recently completed a spring program for our bus ministry during which we increased our attendance for three weeks in a row. I also have the delight of teaching a personal evangelism class at a local Bible Institute.

In the middle of February, the pastor of one of the Christian schools where Sabrina teaches piano had us take part in his church’s missions conference. We had definitely anticipated the meeting and felt “at home” with the people not far from our own home. Preaching in the bus meeting on Saturday was very enjoyable, and I was privileged to lead two men to Christ while visiting for the Saturday afternoon service they have in a neighboring town. On Sunday morning, I drove one of their busses for a military ministry, and during Sunday School, they gave me an opportunity to give my testimony in the youth class and also teach a fifth grade class. Additionally, we were honored to take part in the very first missions conference under a new pastor at a church in Louisiana in March. Many of the members already knew Sabrina and I, and we truly enjoyed the fellowship and the preaching.

Our ten-day survey trip to Nigeria had been scheduled for the first week in April, and we’re thankful that several sent us financial help. When it was evident that our country was going to war in Iraq, we felt the need to postpone considering the potential for unrest among the Muslim factions in Africa. The change of plans allowed Sabrina and I to attend the fortieth annual Pastor’s School at First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana during the third week of March. A “Missions Headquarters” was set up on the property for the first time, and alumni missionaries were encouraged to set up their ministry display boards. I enjoyed seeing many friends and also meeting several pastors to whom I had only previously talked on the phone. Please pray for us as we continue to prepare for our survey trip and the process of raising support for our work.

The following is a letter of recommendation from Sabrina’s home pastor, Dr. B. G. Buchanan, Sr. of Central Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

August 7, 2002
Dear Brethren:

Mark and Sabrina Holmes will be going to Nigeria, Africa as missionaries to win souls and start a New Testament Independent Baptist Church. Sabrina practically grew up here at Central Baptist. She is the daughter of Brian and Donna Hopkins. Brian is one of my trustees and also oversees and teaches our young couples class. He is a servant of servants. Donna is on staff as our pianist and music teacher. Sabrina is a lady of character and devotion and I would recommend her for any position in the ministry (except for preaching, of course!).

Mark is a product of Pastor Dan Carr. If you know Bro. Carr of Gulfport, Mississippi, then I do not have to say anymore about Mark. This couple will be a blessing and help to your church. They are worthy of your support. If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Dr. B. G. Buchanan, Sr.

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