May/June '17

Happy Independence Day! This update is being written as our family is preparing to celebrate the Fourth of July with another missionary couple and a family from our newer church plant; we’re thankful to have good fellowship with close friends on an American holiday. Almost three weeks of June were consumed with Soul Winning & Leadership Conferences in two places and a series of good meetings in a third region. The founder of our mission board, Dr. Mike Cox, made his eighth visit with his wife [pictured left] to our ministry for the purpose of pastors’ conferences, both at Truth Baptist Church of Nyanya [pictured above] and in Calabar (in the southeast). They were joined by one of our board’s field service coordinators, Missionary Evangelist Jim Belisle [pictured below presenting Teaching All Nations], who was on his sixth visit to Nigeria. At the end of the month, I was accompanied by new full-time missionary to Nigeria, Bro. Sonny McGuffee, to preach in two churches and hold a pastors’ fellowship in Ibadan (in the southwest). 

Four other aspects of our ministry saw victories in the last two months. Grace & Glory Baptist Chruch of Garki conducted several baptisms and welcomed new members into the fellowship. Providence Baptist College & Seminary [reunion pictured of graduates with current students during our conference] completed another semester and has several students ready to graduate who have taken staff positions, many who are working at their home church during the break, and some who are serving as interns in various churches. Temple Baptist Institute grew in attendance for its Saturday classes over the last two courses, and another national pastor is teaching during this time that I am busy with conferences and camps. Lastly, one of our multiple church plants had a dedication service during Easter and is now meeting in a new auditorium after having services under a mango tree for more than a year!

We are anticipating the new advance in our conducting of youth camps starting on the last day of July. The Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism will hold for the first time in Ogbomoso (in the southwest), the 7th Annual in Nyanya, and another in Port Harcourt (in the southeast). For two of the three camps, we need to raise about $1200 each to feed over 150 campers for five days. We are grateful for the way that many responded to the widow’s need from our last letter, and we thank you in advance for any help toward expanding our ministry of training youth to reach children all throughout Nigeria. 

[Footage from Bro. Belisle on one of his previous visits, as he traveled to preach in a village church]


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