May/June '16

[Pastor Yohanna (I had the honor to ordain him 7 years ago) meeting the pastor and greeting the church that is helping to support him through C.O.R.E. Missions]

At the end of May, we were thankful that a group from Centered On Remote Evangelism (C.O.R.E.) included our ministry in their three-country trip. The group consisted of the director, two members from C.O.R.E.’s home church, and a long-time supporting pastor. Their first few days were spent in another area of the country, exploring how C.O.R.E. will soon support several graduates of Nigeria’s first independent Baptist Bible college. Returning to Abuja, the group conducted an open house for Providence Baptist College & Seminary, where our students, church members, area pastors, and pastors supported by C.O.R.E. gathered for teaching and preaching; Pastor Jon Horton then preached our mid-week service. In June, another dear friend and supporting pastor, Bro. Warren Johnson [pictured in traditional attire with young men from our church], preached the 10th Anniversary of Truth Baptist Church. Both the C.O.R.E. group and Pastor Johnson (along with a member of his church) visited churches started by our graduates that their ministry has helped to support.

With our furlough coming up in August, I had been planning and praying for months over some changes that would strengthen the leadership at both churches where our family is involved. In the beginning of May, those plans were announced, and each congregation has been very supportive. The youth pastor at Truth Baptist Church is now at Grace & Glory Baptist; this assembly celebrated its first anniversary on May 29th with an after-service reception, welcoming Adewale Adesina [pictured with me], along with his wife, to his new position. Truth Baptist now has a new co-pastor, youth director, and properties coordinator to serve alongside our deacons and faithful assistant pastor. We believe God has been leading every step of the way with these decisions.                   

Several other activities made these months an eventful time for our various ministries. Providence Baptist College & Seminary’s semester began in mid-May with seven new students.  Our sixteen total students, along with several Truth Baptist Church members, immediately entered into an intense five-day training on children’s ministries with a national child evangelist from a neighboring state. Our seminarians have also enjoyed the open house, anniversary, revival meeting, and a Sunday ministering at Grace & Glory Baptist Church. June climaxed with me having the honor of preaching for Pastor Nicholas Wayih at the 30th Anniversary of Independent Baptist in Calabar, started by an early influence of mine, Missionary David Long.
[Pictures were taken of our family during the visit of the C.O.R.E. team]

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