July/August '12

Our 3rd Annual Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism (SMITE) was held at the end of August with 120 young people attending from 9 churches; they were taught in the mornings and were sent out in the afternoons to conduct 15 Bible clubs where over 1000 children were enrolled and more than 400 were individually dealt with for salvation.  We are thankful for the help from SMITE in Louisiana and the great efforts from Pastor Sonny McGuffee and Pastor Jared Decker to make this possible [they are pictured with Pastor Israel Thompsons, who will be teaching with me next year in the seminary]. 

The Saturday before our youth camp, the first commencement of Providence Baptist College and Seminary was held for 14 graduates [12 pictured].  Please be in prayer for several who have already started churches, others who are helping with churches, and a unique ministry that has started, which will have one of our graduates going to a church plant for at least six months to start a Bible institute and serve with the pastor. The potential success of this program may open many more opportunities for him to do the same ministry in other churches.

Last year, my pastor sent a letter to our supporting churches and other contacts with the purpose of raising funds to help us build a house for our family.  We are excited about the progress of the work, as shown by the picture below, and hope to be in the house by Christmas.  Several contributions from those who received the letter, a timely loan through our sending church, and a sizeable offering sent by Toledo Bend Bible Baptist Church (Anacoco, Louisiana) allowed us to purchase the land with cash, complete the foundation with walls and fencing, and be ready for the roof next month.  At this time, I wish to make a plea for the finishing of the house.  Once we conclude the roofing, there will still be the necessary plastering of the walls, installing of electrical and plumbing, tiling of all the floors, and fitting of windows and doors.  Any contribution you could make towards this (to our mission board address) will be a great help to us. Sabrina and I truly appreciate the donations we have received thus far, and we thank you for considering this need again.  It is thrilling for us to see the delight from our church members here and many of those familiar with our ministry as they express their gladness for our taking this step to ensure that we will be in Nigeria for years to come.

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