September/October '10

Since February of 2008, except for times when our church is hosting a conference, every month I have responded to an invitation for preaching in one of our 85 independent Baptist churches. Another opportunity to be a blessing was in the middle of October, when I preached the 6th Anniversary of Lighthouse Independent Bible Baptist Church [the pastor's family is pictured with Ms. Pat], one of the three churches in which I’ve ministered at least once every year since we’ve started our church. It is rewarding to watch this church mature, fulfilling to see them start a Temple Baptist Institute, and stirring to learn the pastor’s vision for future ministries.

Early in October, as a kickoff for the third semester in the seminary, we hosted our first Open House. Our 20 students [several pictured] had a chance to fellowship with 10 area independent Baptist pastors; we enjoyed breakfast, a special chapel service, some testimony time, and a snack while the pastors’ wives had a tea fellowship with my wife. We plan to conduct a similar meeting each semester. At the end of the month, Dr. Darrell Moore, the director of our mission board, honored us by visiting for our 3rd Annual Great Commission Conference. He not only preached each day for the missions meeting, but he also taught a compelling series on church multiplication to our seminary. Truth Baptist Church helps to support seven different ministries, and, as I write this, our members’ faith promise missions giving has more than tripled!

We are thrilled that the Nigerian Basic Education Board (NBEB) has recently accepted a ministry that we presented to them. Virtually every government (public) school in Nigeria allows religious programs during their week. However, in the past, anytime we wished to represent our church during such a time, we were forced to go through the Pentecostal/Charismatic-dominated Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS); the only other fellowships allowed are Catholic or Muslim (Nigeria’s population is half-Muslim). Just three months ago, the NBEB approved our new Bible Proclaimers Student Fellowship, a ministry of Truth Baptist Church, so that it now carries the same authorization as the FCS, and is permitted to go into any government school of the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja area). Our seminary students are currently trying to reach as many areas as possible, taking part in the schools’ allotted religious program times [my wife is pictured doing a Bible club at such a time]. This new ministry would also serve as a great opportunity for any visitor who would like to be a part in helping us reach our city’s students.

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