March/April '10

Our family arrived safely back to Abuja on April 3rd, in time to have a wonderful Easter service at Truth Baptist Church, which was full of people eager to welcome us back to Nigeria. Before we even finished unpacking, I became extremely busy finding, securing, and renting for two years a larger house that is closer to the church and better for our family. We all are very thankful for a fulfilling furlough and, with the successful move-in to our new home at the end of April, a triumphant return to the field.

The second semester of our Bible College got underway on April 19. With an increase in our student body, there are now 20 people involved in this full-time ministry training. Each of our six interns returned with fantastic testimonies of how the Lord worked through them at different independent Baptist churches. I would like to include a testimony and prayer request for one of our Bible college students, Isaac Samson [pictured middle]. On the way to enroll in our school last year, the taxi in which he was riding experienced a terrible accident. Isaac woke up in a police office as the lone survivor of the crash in which the driver and three others died. He had some serious cuts and his money was gone, but he still did everything possible to be in class for opening day. He has healed well and is a blessing to our college. We ask that you pray for him as he has many upcoming decisions, not related to the accident, that require great wisdom on his part.

Please allow me to end with an appeal to our supporters. At the end of June, we will host our 3rd Annual Abuja Pastors’ School. This Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference will feature at least two guest preachers from the U.S., and has the potential of drawing more than sixty of the eighty independent Baptist pastors in Nigeria. Several pastors that attended our first two meetings have told me that it is the greatest thing happening amongst our Bible-believing churches, and many have remarked that it is the best conference of which they have ever been a part. Beyond the preaching, teaching, music, and resources that we make available, our church also delights in taking care of the visiting men of God, their families, and the church members that accompany them. We use as much space as possible on our property for beds, and our ladies [pictured cooking] provide breakfast, a late lunch, and an evening snack to every person who comes from outside of Abuja. Last year, it cost us more than $1,200 to feed everyone for the 3½ day gathering. Would you prayerfully consider contributing to what will be the biggest and most influential event in Truth Baptist Church this year? Please earmark your donation for “Pastors Conference.”

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