September/October '06

In the middle of September, we had the special privilege of hosting Sean and MariJo Alvis [pictured with 2 chiefs] for their survey trip to Nigeria. It was a delight to show them around the city, introduce them to our ministries, take them on a tour of village works, and be considered a “veteran” by these “rookies”! The day after they arrived, we had a record attendance at Truth Baptist Church. There were 113 present, and we baptized three after the service. Our people really enjoyed hearing Bro. Sean’s testimony during the mid-week prayer meeting. Please pray for the Alvis family as they will begin full-time deputation next year.

One of the reasons we had such a good turnout on that particular Sunday (September 24) was the start of a new phase of our bus ministry. The town directly beside ours is actually in another state, and because there is a boundary like that dividing us, it is perfect for a bus route. We already have our church “bus” (18-passenger van) running into one of the villages of the aforementioned town. In August, when one of our church attendees asked for a bus to be sent to her area, a Bible study was started. Over the next four Saturday evenings, 20 different people came to hear me give a short Bible lesson at her house, and 11 people were saved. On September 24th, we rented a bus for about eight dollars and brought 18 people from the locale of the Bible studies. We will be teaching our Institute students that conducting Bible studies would be a very effective way to start churches.

In addition to overseeing our church, running a Bible Institute, purchasing property, as well as making time for my family, the Lord has also opened the door for this missionary to be an influence to the dozens of national pastors in Nigeria. I’ve been developing an itinerary whereby I can travel once monthly to preach in a different independent Baptist church. Bro. Ron Gensaw and I are even starting to schedule some meetings together to try and encourage the men who are reaching their own people in this spiritually needy country. These existing pastors, along with the future ones we are currently training, are the ones that will change this nation.

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