May/June '05

Greetings from Nigeria! Sabrina, Joseph, and I are happy to announce that we arrived safely in Abuja on June 5th, and we are already seeing some great things happen. We’re currently working with Missionary Ron Gensaw just outside of the city. The Lord has greatly protected our health and helped us to adjust physically; as for the ministry part, we are seeing people converted almost daily as we go soul-winning. The first week, my first Nigerian convert, Victor [pictured], later became my first visitor at church on June 12th!

At the end of June, Pilgrim’s Independent Baptist Church planned a crusade in the area where their largest city chapel is located, Mararaba. For two weeks we hung banners, passed out flyers, and advertised the special service by word of mouth. Much work went into the night, and on June 24th over two thousand people gathered on the soccer field in the middle of town to hear Bro. Gensaw preach the Gospel! Sabrina and I sang specials and led the congregational music, and a Christian film was also shown. Praise the Lord, there was no rain, many people in the church participated, and scores of souls were saved!

The following Sunday, I had the privilege of traveling to Ibadan to preach the 9th Anniversary service for the Victory Independent Baptist Church, founded by Missionary Robert Smith. Pastor Moses Kelani got his people excited about the big day: the church had over 50 visitors, 45 received Christ as Saviour, and 5 were baptized! Sabrina and I have also been able to travel to Port Harcourt and Aba to visit friends of ours we met in Florida who have started a ministry in Nigeria. While there, I was asked to preach the morning service for Missionary Ken Gill at Faith Baptist Church in Aba. We’ve been very thankful for the opportunities to see different works.

Before we left for the field, I attempted to call every pastor to whose church we presented our ministry. We will continue to send our prayer letters by postal mail every two months, but I would like for each church to hear from us every month. I will be sending an e-mail update to accomplish this and save some finances at the same time.

Lastly, please help us in circulating a prayer request. Bro. Gensaw’s church is in the midst of its 5th Anniversary program, and we are working towards having 3000 in attendance on two different Sundays: July 10th with services we are conducting in different towns, and August 7th with the main church and 5 chapels. The previous attendance record was just under 1500. Thank you for praying with us about these amazing works.

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