January/February '06

Our 20th prayer letter finds us back on the field of Nigeria. On Sabrina’s birthday (Feb. 23), we were able to return to Africa after a successful two-month doctor checkup for Victoria the week before. Knowing not when we would be in the U.S. again, it was difficult to say “Goodbye” to loved ones this time, but we are encouraged by the prospect of Sabrina’s father being able to visit us sometime next month, as he has a work assignment in Nigeria. Our last church service in the States was at our sending church; my pastor asked me to preach and afterwards presented us with a very generous love offering to go towards making repairs on our newly-rented church property.

Upon arrival to Abuja, we immediately found ourselves in the midst of a giant program that Bro. Gensaw [pictured] was conducting with the recently completed film, Delivered from Hell, which I had mentioned in a previous prayer letter. As a part of their visitor’s campaign, Pilgrim’s Independent Baptist showed the movie for nine straight nights in different areas of the Federal Capital Territory. To view a church-produced motion picture broadcast from a PA system mounted on top of a van and shown through a projector on an eight-foot square white tarp, the people came in crowds ranging from 400 to 4000, and, by the end of the promotion, over 16,000 people had heard the Gospel message through this unique production!

Cock-a-doodle-doo: I’ve always had the picture in my mind of the sun rising on a serene farm setting while in the distance a family rooster dutifully wakes those who are sleeping in their comfortable home. Not long after our return to the Gensaw home, that scene was noisily destroyed early one morning as the children’s fowl had been placed in a cage situated directly outside our open bedroom window. Thankfully, this rooster was prophetically named “Chicken Soup” by Bro. Ron’s oldest daughter, and, the next day, Mr. Soup was in someone’s bowl!
Victoria [pictured at 4 months, then 6 months with me] certainly has me already “wrapped up” with her beautiful smile; Sabrina and I are still trying to bring out that first laugh. Meanwhile, Joseph has become quite a tattletale. He seems to enjoy “telling on” his father, not realizing yet that Mommy and Daddy are on the same team!

We are still praying for the safe passage of our container; the shipper has determined that our belongings may arrive about a month late (at the end of March). Repairs are busily being made to our house so that we will hopefully be ready to move in once we receive our shipment. We will soon be having the first class for the newly named Temple Baptist Institute (as a tribute to the church and institute of the same name in Mississippi who is sponsoring our schooling endeavors) [TBC Pastor J. Stephen Crane and his dad pictured]. Bro. Gensaw is planning a short trip to the U.S. in March for Pastor’s School; therefore the start of our church is being delayed so that we can oversee Pilgrim’s Independent Baptist Church while he travels. Please pray that the Truth Baptist Church in Nyanya will be able to have its first service in early April!

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