February '05

March 1, 2005

A major reason for still taking a survey trip this late in our deputation last month was to find out firsthand what we needed to ship to the country ourselves. We were very pleasantly surprised that practically everything we could need or want is available there; however, not everything is affordable or even reasonable. With the help and recommendation of our Africa Field Director at FBMI, Dr. Mark Sigstad [pictured below], we have decided to rent a twenty-foot container to pack as many things as possible for Nigeria. There is a two-fold purpose: to avoid wasting the many things that have already been given to us, and to evade having to buy items that are overly expensive in Nigeria—specifically any appliances, office supplies, and baby products.
Since the beginning of our full-time deputation on May 20th of 2003, Sabrina and I have had a goal to be on our mission field in less than two years. We currently have over ¾ of our needed support coming in; a few more churches have voted us into their missions program, and several churches are strongly considering our ministry. We believe the time has come for us to prepare for our first term. For Sabrina, Joseph, and me to be able to leave in May, three major things need to happen: plane tickets must be purchased, our resident visas need to be approved, and the container has to be rented and packed.

Throughout the whole process of raising financial support, we purposely have asked for nothing but prayer in our ministry updates. Sabrina and I have been blessed by living on the love offerings from churches, and we’ve refused to request anything financial by way of prayer letters. Ultimately, the provision of God and the generosity of churches have allowed us to leave our monthly support practically untouched except in three instances: paying tithes and giving to missions, purchasing prayer cards and stationery, and financing a portion of our survey trip. The money we’ve saved can be used immediately to secure a home in Nigeria [our current 3 BR / 2 bath house pictured], which requires a payment of two years’ rent up front. Also, the amount of money we have remaining will determine the quality of a car for our family [our current vehicle pictured] and a van for the church. Therefore, we are making this request to the churches where we’ve presented our ministry: please pray for our move to Nigeria and consider helping us offset the cost. We greatly appreciate your attention to the Lord’s work in Nigeria.

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