Dec '03 / Jan '04

This holiday season for us was unique in many ways to any other. Our baby boy Joseph turned three weeks old on Christmas day, and, of course, he received more gifts than his mother and father combined! This was the first time that I didn’t have to go back to school or clock in at work after a holiday break, yet Sabrina and I stayed busy with our ministry. I only had to cancel one church meeting due to our hospital stay in the first week of December. Our schedule was God-sent during the first six weeks after Joseph was born; we didn’t have any meetings that were more than three hours from Gulfport or Baton Rouge. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we attended the home church of Sabrina’s family at Central Baptist in Baton Rouge. Then on January 7th, I had the honor of preaching at our sending church. The folks at Faith Baptist had yet to see our presentation, and it was the first glimpse of Joseph for most of our church family.

As I write this letter, we are attending our fourth missions conference in a row. January 14th started our first big trip with our baby. Sabrina had fully recovered from her surgery by that time. We began in north Louisiana; then we trekked to churches in central Arkansas, east Texas, Oklahoma City, and the Nashville area of Tennessee. Joseph travels well; he seems to go to sleep in his car seat as soon as I put the van in drive! [He's 9 months old in this pic] I wanted to share one more story that I didn’t include in the previous letter about our adventures during the two days before Joseph was born. We first checked into a hospital in Louisiana before eventually going to Gulfport. While in the waiting room at Baton Rouge Women’s Hospital, I was trying to engross myself in work and not think too much about the possible complications that could have awaited Sabrina and Joseph. A man my age sat beside me, and, of course, God wouldn’t let me sit there silently. I found out that Tyree was in the same situation I was; his wife was in the hospital almost three weeks before her due date. I invited him to church and eventually had the privilege of leading him to a saving knowledge of Christ! It seemed to make the next couple of days go easier once I got my mind off myself and my problems and took some time to show someone the way to Heaven.

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