June/July '03

Our first two months of full time deputation definitely treated us well. In June and July, we had the privilege of presenting our work at twenty-four churches; Sabrina and I sang in all but two of them, and I had the honor of preaching for seventeen of the pastors. God has blessed by allowing us to add more than seventy other churches to our future schedule. While with a particular church in Columbia, Mississippi, the bus director and I were excited to win four souls to Christ on Saturday, and on Sunday, eight church members individually sacrificed so that the church could begin to support us financially on a monthly basis. Sabrina and I were humbled by their hospitality, their heart, and their unique way of giving.

Already we are seeing the evident hand of the Lord working through people for our ministry. Several months ago, I gave a prayer card to one of my former public junior high school teachers when I saw her for the first time in probably seven years. She commented that she wanted to contribute to our ministry in some way, and at the end of June, she called me and committed to give a sizeable offering towards our work. Sabrina and I visited in her home and learned that she was recovering from a recent surgery and also undergoing chemotherapy treatments. This dear lady sat in her living room and wrote me a check that helped us to pay for our laptop, video projector, several months of auto insurance, and other things that made our financial situation much easier. Also, Sabrina and I had been praying that we would have a van to use for when the baby comes in December (Lord willing). In the middle of July, my wife and my mom and I ate lunch with a good friend of our family, and she gave us the key to her 1996 Dodge Caravan that she was not able to drive anymore—an answer to prayer long before I truly expected! The stories that missionaries have about God’s provision always amaze me, and sometimes it concerned me that we didn’t yet have those great illustrations. I would imagine that God doesn’t want his servants to go all over the country without specific reasons to brag on Him!
Sabrina has been traveling very well with child and has not been sick even once. Please continue to pray for her, for our travels, and for God to make us a blessing to many churches and pastors.

The following is a letter of recommendation of our ministry from Bro. Jerry Purtell, the Louisiana director of Child Evangelism Fellowship, also the founder and director of Summer Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism (SMITE) that my wife attended for more than 10 years

Dear Pastor:

For the last 27 years I have directed the work of Child Evangelism in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana. In doing this work I have trained and worked with some of the finest young people on the earth. And in the course of events God has called some of these young people into His special work.

Two of these young people with whom I have closely worked are Mark and Sabrina Holmes. God has called these two fine young people to the mission field of Africa. They both are sold out for God, and I know they have what it takes to get the job done for the Lord.

I would like to ask that you give this young man a chance to present his work to your church. In fact, you could save a lot of time and trouble and just take them on for support right now. I know that you won’t be disappointed in Mark and Sabrina Holmes.

Jerry Purtell

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Mark Holmes said...

We learned recently that the dear lady who gave us the donation went to Heaven on September 24, 2008. Linda Matheny was loved greatly by her family, church, school, and community. We will miss her and will be forever grateful for helping our ministry to get started.